Technical Equipment

Latest Technical Conference Facilities

All of our conference rooms is equipped with the latest technical
conference facilities, plus special equipment at the Ball Room and
Riederstein -Mühlbach.


  • 2 connectors for video (VGA &HDMI)
  • Audio connection (cinch (RGA))
  • Intelligent automatical adaption of aspect ratio
  • Conference rooms Ball Room, Ringberg, Ringsee, Riederstein, Mühlbach, Reitrain, Setzberg equipped with a beamer, Hirschberg with a 55” monitor
  • Depending on the room and its measurements the size of the screen and luminosity of the beamer varies
  • The rooms Brunnbichl, Wallberg, Weissacher Stube offer mobile, variable technical equipment and a rollable 33” monitor, projectors, roll up screens and battery charged speakers that can be connected to a microphone or sound system

Extra Equipment Ball Room

  • Panasonic projector 10.300 ANSI Lumen
  • Mobile speaker’s desk with light and video ( VGA &HDMI) and audio (cinch ( RCA)) connection
  • 1x Sennheiser speaker desk microphone
  • 2x Sennheiser handheld microphones
  • 2x DPA/Sennheiser wireless head sets
  • Sound system that spreads the sound evenly by delaying the output of thespeakers in the back of the room which creates an even sound reception
  • Stage lighting
  • Steuerung der kompletten Technik via media control
  • Feed point for external technical service providers

Extra Equipment Riderstein-Mühlbach

If the two rooms are used together as one large space, mobile rollable displays can be placed, so that people seated in the back are able to see the projected images.

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T.: +49 (0)8022 – 278 566
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