Wellness is a state of being!

Fingertip sensation, extensive facial treatments, pampering body ritual, sensitive massages or further treatments.

Wishes come true! In the treatment we would like to respond individually to your needs. A competent consultation is an important part of our treatments it is essential for your well-being. Choose your aromatic oil according to your needs: slowness, retreat, clarity, warmth.

KINKO– ``Balance``

Get in balance! Massages have always been used in most cultures around the world to promote recovery and physical balance. Our individual, classic massage is tailored to your individual needs in technology and intensity. Whether gentle-balancing and relieving or intensively strengthening and building. The direct way to your personal massage experience!  

Partial massage on request:

20 min / € 48

Full body massage:

50 min / € 98

Full body massage intensive:

80 min / € 148

KAORI - ``Aroma``

Follow your intuition! This holistic pampering massage combines harmoniously flowing movements with delicate aromas and precious essential oils. Physical tensions dissolve and mental calmness arises. Let it breathe!  

You can choose your flavor oil intuitive according to your needs:  

Relaxation & rest: body oil lavender or wild rose

Welcome & welcome: body oil honey / ginger or coconut / mint

Clarity – inside and outside: body oil pine or chia / orange

Energy & Heat: Body Oil Orange / Lemongrass or Lime / Bamboo  

50 min / € 108

ISHIS ``STONE`` - Massage with hot stones

The strenght is to be found in serenity. This massage with warm stones will take you step by step into the deep relaxation. Soothing grips and the warmth of the stones give a sense of wellbeing and security. Energy blocks dissolve and new energy is created. A massaging session that has a lasting effect on you.  

50 min / € 108

80 min / € 158

Touching movements

Shiatsu is deeply rooted in Far Eastern philosophy as a “customer of life”. From Japan it has spread and developed in the West. The life energy, in Japanese Ki; the “Lebensschauch” – is the motor of the whole. It touches and supports the connection to the stream of life. The special art of Shiatsu consists in adapting the touches, stretches and leanings individually to the human being with his actual needs. Shiatsu encourages you to walk confidently and confidently with yourself. It serves to relax at all levels, helps in crises and supports the self-healing powers.  



50 min / € 108  


Shiatsu intense

80 min / € 158

Shiatsu for head – shoulders – neck

Be completely at ease! Careful massage handles loosen tensions in the shoulder and neck area and relieve strain and build up at the same time. The subsequent head massage stimulates and provides freedom of thought and deep recovery. Like a gentle breeze!  


20 min / € 52

Shiatsu for the feet - reflexology

Rooted like a tree! Grounded and centered! This concentrated pressure point massage acts on the entire body through the reflex zones of the feet. The circulation of the foot muscles is improved and the energy flow is harmonized. For a sense of grounding and order – from head to toe!


 40 min. / € 78

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